Bethany Young has been a creative type from the day she held her first pencil. Although she has built a career in graphic design, she continues to pursue two other interests on the side, dance and film. Graphic design is by far Bethany’s most practiced form of art – one she continues to refine with each new project under her belt.

The most rewarding part of Bethany’s job is seeing her clients watch their ideas come to life. She knows each client has a different vision and aesthetic and thrives on approaching new projects from a fresh (truly fresh) perspective.

Fun Facts:

  • Bethany has worked as a photo editor in the fashion industry.
  • Now, she is passionate about design for social change. (This second point is in no way related to the first… or is it?)
  • Bethany lived in Asia for 18 years, yet still isn’t fluent in any Asian language.