Three Mistakes Brands are (Still) Making on Social Media

These days, you'd be hard pressed to find a brand that isn't on social media. So what is there left to know? Our COO Chelsea shares these top three mistakes brands are *still* making on social media (in  you guessed it  2016). (Transcript below.)  


Top 3 Biggest Mistakes Brands Make on Social Media

From personal to corporate, your local cafe to Starbucks™, every brand is in danger of making these three major social media mistakes.

1. Narcissism

Just like the world can only handle so much of Kanye West’s love for himself and his self-praise, the world can only handle so much of *your* love for yourself. Cut down on the selfies. Give a shoutout! Talk about somebody else. (And not just to your super hot wife.) When it comes to social media content keep it with a nice balance of 80/20 the curated and non-curated content. (Here’s looking at you Kanye.)

2. Automation/Robots

The whole point of social media is being social. The last time I had a conversation with a robot was…. So just be a human! When it comes to automating, keep it to the management side of things like scheduling & monitoring. Automated liking and commenting can be a great thing until you’ve commented “NICE!” on your neighbours’ cat being run over. Unless you hated that cat…

3. Ignoring Your Community

Again, since you’re not a robot, if another human starts talking to you, you can and should talk back! This is also just good life advice. Make sure to engage with your followers. Be friends with them, have a conversation with them, ask them questions, talk to them, don’t just talk at them. This is all just part of social media, is having a community and having friendships. 

So there you have it. Avoid these three things and you’ll see things going your way soon. 

Chelsea KoochinThe Incubator