Growing from Provincial to National Retailer with a Brand Pivot.

Calgary-based premium bone broth retailers, Bo & Marrow, found themselves struggling to grow in a marketplace with little room for product differentiation. In vying for shelf space with competitors, B&M’s brand had been attempting to appeal to everyone (and by extension, failing to resonate with target customers). We conducted extensive market research and pinpointed a competitive position within this crowded market. From this, we were able to help Bo & Marrow identify better target customers, and tell their story in a way that resonated with those who mattered most. 

The result? A brand overhaul that took this “Ma and Pa” team from specialty shops in Alberta to the national stage and inspired industry copycats. 

Bo & Marrow Positioning

Analyzing the Industry

To begin finding a profitable position, we conducted an extensive industry analysis. By plotting numerous competitors against various dimensions, we identified a gap in the market no current competitor was serving. 


Setting Sights on a New Target

In Bo & Marrow's case, repositioning their brand meant narrowing their target market. Instead of attempting to appeal to everyone, we accepted the risk of excluding some people for the sake of serving one target audience really, really well. 


Resonating with the Target Audience

To complete the pivot, we needed to reimagine all customer touch points. We ensured the voice, visuals, and overall feel of Bo & Marrow's brand resonated with our new target audience. Their social media had always been a traffic driver. To get the right kind of customer traffic, we crafted a brand voice and aesthetic to communicate the benefits of Bo & Marrow in a way that would be the most obvious to their new target audience. We then worked with their social media team to implement the strategy.


Project Highlights


Crafting a unique brand story that demonstrates Bo & Marrow's passion for quality and health - while resonating with their target audience. 

Building social proof by acquiring testimonials, identifying brand evangelists, and growing social following.

Developing a brand and product positioning strategy to carry them through a nation-wide launch.

Crafting a social media strategy to optimize and monetize their largest customer touch point.


The Numbers


From the very first phone call, my gut was telling me to hire The Incubator. The whole team is amazing and unlike other marketing companies that push a template proposal on you. They hold true to their name. They incubate your idea and strategically execute them without the trial and errors—which saved me a lot of time and money.


Wondering how finding the right market position could help your business grow?