Chelsea Koochin started her professional career in team and operations management at the young age of 17, beginning with an international retail chain store. Since then, Chelsea has effectively managed staff of all sizes in multiple industries- always utilizing the most efficient training techniques to shape the success of her teams and clients. 

Chelsea has actively contributed to the exponential success of over 15 brands internationally, from the northwest to the southeast. She specializes in employing innovative and lean approaches in both strategy and execution, perfectly fitting in at The Incubator. Working alongside Julianne as The Incubator’s Director and COO, she continually builds success stories with her dynamic team daily.

Fun facts:

  • Chelsea started her first entrepreneurial endeavour as a 10 year old- sewing and selling purses from recycled materials for extra spending money. 
  • She is the middle child in a family of 10 strong personalities, for which she credits her creativity and drive.