Bo & marrow



Bo & Marrow is a fast-growing player in the health beverages market, crafting slow-simmered bone broth sold across Western Canada. Looking for ways to solidify a distinctive market position and expand their social influence, Bo & Marrow reached out to the Incubator to help tell their story online.


  • Identify a profitable position to occupy in an already-competitive market. Create a brand positioning strategy.

  • Create a unique product value proposition. Apply an evidence-based approach to identify the product's top 3 selling points.

  • Develop the company's brand story for greater resonance with the target market.


  • Positioned Bo & Marrow to appeal to professional women ages 25-40:

    • The new positioning is further validated by a 280% increase in targeted online leads.

    • Two established competitors have since shifted their visual branding to imitate that of Bo & Marrow's. (But Bo & Marrow retains the first-mover advantage.)

  • Significantly increased social proof in 3 months:
    • 590% increase in Twitter organic followers.

    • 44% increase in Instagram organic followers.

      • 43.5% increase in "likes" on Instagram.

      • 76% increase in comments on Instagram.

    • 10% increase in Facebook organic followers.

From the very first phone call, my gut was telling me to hire The Incubator. The whole team is amazing and unlike other marketing companies that push a template proposal on you. They hold true to their name. They incubate your idea and strategically execute them without the trial and errors—which saved me a lot of time and money.
— Diane Williams (Co-Founder, Bo and Marrow)