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Creating a Social Media Influencer


Creating a Social Media Influencer



Yes, the process of relationship-building can be “growth-hacked” and scaled. This is what we’ve done with our CEO Julianne Keu’s personal brand. With over 40,000 niche followers across Twitter and Instagram, Julianne is a rising influencer in the tech and entrepreneurship space.


  • Determine your audience.
  • Create valuable and engaging content.
  • Automate your reach.
  • Monitor, test, and optimize your strategy.
  • Grow.


  • 1-on-1 connections with leading industry names that have turned into mentorships, business contacts, and referrals.
  • 6-figures of revenue generated from Instagram in the last fiscal year alone.
  • Social media is now our biggest lead generation channel.
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Increasing Online Revenue- Drastically

Increasing Online Revenue- Drastically


Pro-D Seminars is the industry leader in online continuing education for Acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. Looking to energize their customer base and explore new customer acquisition channels, Pro-D reached out to the Incubator for a new, integrated marketing strategy.


  • Built new infrastructure into the email marketing strategy to systematically increase deliverability.

  • Created data-driven email marketing campaigns.

  • Overhauled the existing visual brand and developed tools for streamlining the implementation of the new.

  • Developed conversion-optimized home and product landing pages.


  • Increased the revenue of Pro D's annual sale by 59% in 3 weeks.

  • Achieved an avg. 166% increase in email open rates - 13% higher than the industry average.

  • Increased the amount of web traffic from email referrals by 584%.


Selling Out 4 Shows in 4 Weeks

Selling Out 4 Shows in 4 Weeks



Dances for a Small Stage is a non-profit that has connected and empowered people through dance since 2002. In January 2017, Small Stage approached The Incubator with a challenge: to sell out their four February shows with an ad budget of zero - and less than a month to go.


  • Collaborated with influencers in the target market.

  • Introduced new automated marketing channels. 

  • Revitalized the social media strategy and streamlined the execution. 


In 4 weeks, we...

  • Sold out all 4 shows, achieving a record-setting 95% sell-through rate:

    • Increased online ticket sales by 45.1%

    • Increased online revenue by 47%

    • Increased online event traffic by 100.2%

  • Dramatically increased social proof:

    • Increased the Facebook event reach by 13,874% (compared to the previous year)

    • Increased Facebook RSVP's by 132%

    • Increased Instagram followers by 48%

    • Increased Instagram engagement by 616%

    • Increased Twitter followers by 27%

  • Delivered an estimated ROI of 200%.

“I was stuck in a rut using traditional marketing tactics everyone in the industry uses. The Incubator shook things up to give me a 47% increase in online revenue and four sold-out shows. This is UNHEARD of in the BC arts industry, and it’s no surprise that it caught the attention of industry leaders. This was a success I never dreamed of - and I can say for sure I won’t go back to my old ways.”
— Julie-Anne Saroyan, Creative Director, Small Stage

Finding a Profitable Position in a Competitive Market

Finding a Profitable Position in a Competitive Market

Bo & marrow



Bo & Marrow is a fast-growing player in the health beverages market, crafting slow-simmered bone broth sold across Western Canada. Looking for ways to solidify a distinctive market position and expand their social influence, Bo & Marrow reached out to the Incubator to help tell their story online.


  • Identify a profitable position to occupy in an already-competitive market. Create a brand positioning strategy.

  • Create a unique product value proposition. Apply an evidence-based approach to identify the product's top 3 selling points.

  • Develop the company's brand story for greater resonance with the target market.


  • Positioned Bo & Marrow to appeal to professional women ages 25-40:

    • The new positioning is further validated by a 280% increase in targeted online leads.

    • Two established competitors have since shifted their visual branding imitate that of Bo & Marrow's. (But Bo & Marrow retains the first-mover advantage.)

  • Significantly increased social proof in 3 months:
    • 590% increase in Twitter organic followers.

    • 44% increase in Instagram organic followers.

      • 43.5% increase in "likes" on Instagram.

      • 76% increase in comments on Instagram.

    • 10% increase in Facebook organic followers.

“From the very first phone call, my gut was telling me to hire the Incubator. The whole team is amazing and unlike other marketing companies that push a template proposal on you. They hold true to their name.  They incubate your idea and strategically execute them without the trial and errors- which saved me a lot of time and money.“
— Diane Williams, Co-Founder, Bo and Marrow