Small Stage



Dances for a Small Stage is a non-profit that has connected and empowered people through dance since 2002. In January 2017, Small Stage approached The Incubator with a challenge: to sell out their four February shows with an ad budget of zero - and less than a month to go.


  • Collaborated with influencers in the target market.

  • Introduced new automated marketing channels. 

  • Revitalized the social media strategy and streamlined the execution. 


In 4 weeks, we...

  • Sold out all 4 shows, achieving a record-setting 95% sell-through rate:

    • Increased online ticket sales by 45.1%

    • Increased online revenue by 47%

    • Increased online event traffic by 100.2%

  • Dramatically increased social proof:

    • Increased the Facebook event reach by 13,874% (compared to the previous year)

    • Increased Facebook RSVP's by 132%

    • Increased Instagram followers by 48%

    • Increased Instagram engagement by 616%

    • Increased Twitter followers by 27%

  • Delivered an estimated ROI of 200%.


I was stuck in a rut using traditional marketing tactics everyone in the industry uses. The Incubator shook things up to give me a 47% increase in online revenue and four sold-out shows. This is UNHEARD of in the BC arts industry, and it’s no surprise that it caught the attention of industry leaders. This was a success I never dreamed of—and I can say for sure I won’t go back to my old ways.
— Julie-Anne Saroyan (Creative Director, Small Stage)