SISI ZHOU | Design Lead

Sisi Zhou is passionate about all forms of design, especially when it comes to typography, branding and publication. After obtaining a psychology degree from the University of British Columbia, and initially pursuing clinical research, Sisi returned to her creative roots by pursuing an education in Graphic/Communication Design at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Her passion for both design and psychology means that she is constantly attuned to human behaviours and thinking patterns, which allows her to empathize with target users/clients and create designs that fulfill their needs. What Sisi loves most about her job, is taking a client’s design problem, implementing a solution, and seeing the positive impact it has on the client’s business and how their customers interact with them.

When she’s not designing, she can usually be found curled up with a book, powering through a binge-watch session, or shouting at a European soccer match on TV.

Fun Facts:

  • Sisi’s first word is the English word, “cat,” which is odd, since she was brought up in China, speaking Mandarin.

  • Sisi has never owned a cat.