Julianne Keu

Founder & CEO

Julianne Keu has worked at the forefront of social media and digital marketing since 2012 when she launched her first business, Jule Magazine. Using unconventional approaches at the time, she quickly grew her ten-person operation to a peak Alexa ranking of 244,000 and a combined social media following of over 15,000. Jule Magazine was later sold to multinational wellness corporation Bing Han Enterprises in 2015.

In 2014, Julianne began working on her second business, a startup, Targeted Tweets. Using state-of-the-art technology, Targeted Tweets enables users to communicate directly to a pre-filtered audience on a mass scale. To date, Targeted Tweets has been used in some of the most cost-effective lead generation campaigns in the world.

In the winter of 2015, Julianne began assembling top talent in her city to create The Incubator, an integrated marketing accelerator for emerging brands. Today, Julianne remains active in the tech/startup space as an active participant, advisor, and investor of small-to-medium scale projects.

Fun Facts:

  • Julianne started her first business after the editors of a national newspaper censored one of her articles. (She had worked as a freelance reporter in a previous life.)
  • She once pitched a business idea to a software development pioneer, after which it was completely torn apart. She cites this experience as one of the most defining moments of her career.

    tegan cochrane

    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

    Tegan Cochrane brings to the world of business a unique perspective shaped by her former career as a professional athlete and social entrepreneur.

    In 2014, as the President of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)’s student union, Tegan co-founded the first mental health resource centre on a Canadian university campus. Within its first two months of operation, the centre serviced over 8,000 students organically – a testament to the principle that the single best marketing decision you can make, is beginning with a “good product”.

    As a professional track cyclist, Tegan was a 3-time National Champion and competed on the international stage. In 2016 she was selected to represent Team Canada on the World Cup circuit, and introduced a French literacy program for Anglophone athletes.

    Today, Tegan is onto her next and biggest challenge: bringing marketing innovation to the industries that impact individuals the most. Along with her partner Julianne Keu, Tegan is working to usher The Incubator Marketing into a new era, with plans to expand nationally in 2019.

    Fun Facts:

    • Tegan grew up with an aptitude for sports but deep down always wanted to be an actress.

    • As a dog enthusiast, Tegan can accurately identify and name over 100 breeds.



      Chief Operating Officer (COO)

      Chelsea Koochin started her professional career in team and operations management at the young age of 17, beginning with an international retail chain store. Since then, Chelsea has effectively managed staff of all sizes in multiple industries- always utilizing the most efficient training techniques to shape the success of her teams and clients. 

      Chelsea has actively contributed to the exponential success of over 15 brands internationally, from the northwest to the southeast. She specializes in employing innovative and lean approaches in both strategy and execution, perfectly fitting in at The Incubator. Working alongside Julianne as The Incubator’s Director and COO, she continually builds success stories with her dynamic team daily.

      Fun Facts:

      • Chelsea started her first entrepreneurial endeavour as a 10 year old- sewing and selling purses from recycled materials for extra spending money. 
      • She is the middle child in a family of 10 strong personalities, for which she credits her creativity and drive. 


      Design Lead

      Sisi Zhou is passionate about all forms of design, especially when it comes to typography, branding and publication. After obtaining a psychology degree from the University of British Columbia, and initially pursuing clinical research, Sisi returned to her creative roots by pursuing an education in Graphic/Communication Design at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

      Her passion for both design and psychology means that she is constantly attuned to human behaviours and thinking patterns, which allows her to empathize with target users/clients and create designs that fulfill their needs. What Sisi loves most about her job, is taking a client’s design problem, implementing a solution, and seeing the positive impact it has on the client’s business and how their customers interact with them.

      When she’s not designing, she can usually be found curled up with a book, powering through a binge-watch session, or shouting at a European soccer match on TV.

      Fun Facts:

      • Sisi’s first word is the English word, “cat,” which is odd, since she was brought up in China, speaking Mandarin.

      • Sisi has never owned a cat.


      michael yuong

      Web Development

      Michael Yuong started teaching himself code in grade 6 after being discouraged to pursue visual arts. Believing that if he couldn't make visuals, he would at least craft the foundation necessary for the aesthetics to stand out. 

      With more than 15 years experience under his belt,  Michael has established a full-time career in web development, security, and design. Being fluent in nearly every major programming language he has been able to create the foundations for countless brands, from local startups to major corporations. Michael further pursues his passion for visual arts in digital photography on the side rounding out his skill-set perfectly to work in a digital world. 

      Fun Facts:

      • True to stereotypical "coder" culture, Michael enjoys playing and running an active Dungeons and Dragon campaign. 

      • When the QuizUp app was at peak popularity, Michael was #3 in Canada for the Hip-Hop/Rap Category until he got bored. 

      Isabella Roosevelt

      Isabella Roosevelt

      Marketing Coordinator

      Isabella Roosevelt is a self taught photographer who actively seeks out new and engaging opportunities for growth. Alongside photography, her passion for networking and creating innovative content was Isabella's entry point into the world of marketing. Utilizing her love of the arts and the knowledge absorbed, Isabella has done social media work for a multitude of start-up businesses in and around the Lower Mainland including: Sigma Barbershop, Rain or Shine Ice Cream and Westerly Goods. She also applies her passion for photography to fashion, portrait, landscape and commercial projects - previously collaborating with RYU, Langly Bags and the Vancouver Aquarium. She was among the founders of Royal Canadian Air Cadets 888 Avengers Squadron’s social media outreach, working as their Public Relations Manager. 

      Isabella has joined The Incubator as a Marketing Coordinator, and is keen to build relationships and grow the community of creatives. She brings new, engaging and thought-provoking ideas to life through her words and photographs.

      Fun Facts: 

      • Isabella gets a little too competitive with her sports: Ultimate Frisbee and Dragon boat.
      • One time, she almost got kidnapped in Colombia. Almost.

      George Mohan


      George Mohan finds daily motivation in capturing the genuine emotions, expressions, and stories of his subjects. Recognizing the power of photography in story-telling, George taught himself all he needed to know to begin his career as a portrait photographer. Since then, he has spent years crafting and refining his skill in the greater Vancouver area throughout various projects. Whether it’s portraits, fashion, lookbooks, or editorial photography, George is most passionate when working directly with people.


      Fun Facts:

      • While developing his photography skills, George worked in non-profit to secure funding for employment programs aimed at helping low-income residents, immigrants and refugees throughout Metro Vancouver. 
      • In high school, George once thought he'd be an animator at Pixar. This all changed when he picked up his first digital camera and started taking pictures of family and friends. 
      • George once biked and hiked to the top of a waterfall in Brazil for a Facebook profile picture. Despite being completely soaked, it's still among his favourite photos. 



      Cassandra, one in a million, had a passion for numbers and spreadsheets before she even knew what bookkeeping was. When she heard word that she could get paid to enter numbers into charts, her life suddenly made sense. She only made it halfway through her bookkeeping education before she had her first job offer and she’s never looked back.

      Cassandra joined The Incubator as their bookkeeper at its inception and soon thereafter additionally took on the role of Executive Administrator- allowing her to embrace her healthy organizational obsession and keeping the The Incubator team in order. Cassandra is thrilled to be a part of this team and looks forward to many more spreadsheets!

      Fun Facts:

      • Cassandra is not 6 feet tall, contrary to popular belief. She is only a mere 5' 10.5".
      • She originally moved to Vancouver to study acting.