When I co-founded this agency 3 years ago, I knew, strategically, that we had to be known for something distinct.

Having come from the world of tech startups, I had thought the answer was clear. At a startup, every decision you make has a perceptible impact. Your decision either brings the company closer to its vision, or holds it back. There is no room for ego and those who were willing to embrace the briskness of the unknown usually came out on top. This was very attractive to me in my younger years. And by luck of having been born in the right place at the right time – in which the discipline of marketing is changing faster than it can be taught – I was able to prove my merits as a marketer very quickly.

Fast forward to 2016: The Incubator Marketing had grown into a full-fledged agency. By now, we were committed to our vision, but hazy on the communication of its differential value. We had no issue winning the favor of fellow tech startups. Businesses outside of tech, however, just didn’t understand. But we pressed on, course-correcting the delivery of our proposals each time. Soon, we began to see traction from organizations large and small who were increasingly “getting it.”

Set against the backdrop of a race to the bottom service economy, The Incubator today has grown to become one of Western Canada’s leading startup marketing agencies. Our message is simple but unfortunately contrarian: “Marketing” is not a service. It’s an investment asset.

Others are in the business of selling services. We’re in the business of powering your growth.


Julianne Keu
Co-founder & CEO, The Incubator Marketing



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